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Trauma Recovery Counselling is a private practice that provides support and healing for female survivors of Childhood Abuse and Trauma.

As a recovery counsellor I provide a Holistic approach to healing rather than a more traditional counselling method. Holistic counselling is a unique form of counselling, focused on a person in their entirety and regards the mind, body and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. It is an approach, which helps clients to heal by taking their whole self, including their life experiences into consideration.

For those of us who have been victims of childhood abuse we know that more often than not the trauma continues on into adulthood. While the physical abuse may cease, the mental and emotional traumas can plague us for years, robbing us from having the life we deserve.

Without professional help our mental and emotional traumas can keep us trapped in our past. While the memories of our childhood abuse will always be there, it is possible to create new memories. As we create more positive and happy experiences, eventually these begin to take precedence over the trauma of our childhood experiences. As your recovery counsellor I can show you how to create these new positive experiences.

Having survived significant Childhood abuse and trauma, I truly understand the enormity of its long term consequences. It can be difficult to consider letting go and trusting that you can find a new beginning. Sometimes it can seem easier to just stay where you are rather than put yourself in a position of exposure.

If you are finding that:

  • You are still emotionally attached and tormented by your childhood
  • It is affecting your relationships both personally and professionally
  • Preventing career opportunities
  • Affecting your parenting skills
  • Preventing you from having a healthy social life
  • It is affecting your day to day judgments and/or decision making
  • Your self esteem and confidence are low or
  • Other areas of your life are shadowed by your past or
  • You simply need someone to talk with

Please call today and let me assist you in whichever way you are needing help

By drawing on the resources that I have received from others, coupled with the tools and strategies I’ve learnt for myself I am able to offer you a unique perspective on recovery. One that will engage you, encourage you to seek acceptance, discover your strengths and find courage to let go of your trauma and in its place find hope, happiness and a new purpose.

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