Rainè H. Winn
Trauma Recovery Counselling
My life ~ My choice ~ My success


I have known Rainè for several years after we first met in a Grief Counselling Course for Children. We have worked alongside each other volunteering and I have always found Rainè to be an inspiring, beautiful soul who offers hope with an authentic and heartfelt honest approach. Drawing on her own life experience as well as her formal qualifications, Rainè has a true gift in lighting the way for others who are looking to heal and live their life to the fullest.

~ Julia B.


“My name is Filipe, Brazilian, 25 years old. I'm writing this to thank you for what you have done in my life. I arrived in Gold Coast in April and I was lost, I didn't have many friends or a job. When I saw in the library your workshop, I thought it could be helpful but it was so much more than just helpful. The energy transmitted, the metallisation work in groups helped me in a lot of ways. It was essential and made me see the world in another perspective. I defined as a goal to find a job in 2 weeks, and 12 days after that I had one; I made some new friends as well. I also set as goal to improve my English and I am studying hard to do the IELTS (proficiency test) in the end of the year.

Congratulations Rainè for your work and thank you again for everything.”

~ Filipe G.

“Rainè is the kind of person that you know you can go to with your troubles. She's a wonderful listener, which is sometimes exactly what you need when you're feeling upset. Through her expertise in counselling and therapy she is more than equipped to help with any problem, no matter how big or small. Having had a roller coaster of a life herself you can be sure that any help you receive is coming not only from extensive studies in the field but also from personal experience. She has an incredibly nurturing nature. I would be very surprised if you did not come away from Rainè's sessions feeling comforted and healed."

~ Johanna D.


“Rainè Winn is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. I met her when we started working together more than a year ago selling organic magnesium spray. She always has the most positive attitude and listens to you through everything and never judges. She helped me with issues I had with my parents, she always listened no matter how long I spoke for and regardless of what I said she always tried to help me see the story from all sides. She made every effort to see things from where I stood and was genuinely interested in trying to help me out (which is hard to come by anymore). I still have problems with my parents however, because of Rainè I have been able to slightly remove myself from the situation and understand what might actually be going on instead of jumping to conclusions. You will honestly never meet a more generous and caring lady who is ALWAYS enthusiastic about life.”

~ Cailin B.


“At age 19 I was working as a check out girl who at the time was a very shy & sad individual who had a lot of things going on in my life, particularly with my family. One day Rainè came through my checkout with a lovely smile. I didn't say very much just hello, each time when she would do shopping she would come through my checkout, speak to me, see how I was going, but because I was so shy I would never speak and if I did it would be only a little bit because I was scared and it was the way I was brought up.

Due to a very negative and traumatic family environment I found it very difficult to socialise outside home. As time went by I got to know Rainè a lot more, and slowly I would open up. Eventually after weeks, even months I started to trust Rainè, I had never know someone who just wanted to listened to everything I had to say and support me in anyway. Thanks to Rainè's support, advice and loving care I have gone from being a checkout girl who was shy, scared to talk to people and hated people touching me, to someone who today works in aged care, has an open heart & who is more relaxed and confident to follow her goals.

I am now age 26 living in England having moved from Australia and my negative family environment and working as a live in carer giving my time to those in need. This huge step would not have been possible if it were not for the support and encouragement that Rainè has continued to offer me. She believed in me and saw in me potential that others couldn’t see and for this I will be forever grateful. If you have that someone who will care, listen and assistance you without judgement like I found in Rainè it can get you a long way.”

~ Kelly W.